Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom (CD)


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The Complete Original Soundtrack from Shiness:The Lightning Kingdom composed by Hazem Hawash.

This collector 2 CD is the result of several years of work around the fantastic universe of Shiness.

* Includes a 12P booklet with composer liner notes, and beautiful artworks.

*Features a special track from legendary composer Hiroki Kikuta! (secret of mana)

A Wayô Records exclusive! 

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Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Original Soundtrack

We are pleased to present the charming soundtrack to the PlayStation 4/PC action-RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom.

Featuring enchanting melodies reminiscent of the golden age of JRPGs, composer Hazem Hawash makes his compositional debut with a guest contribution from Secret of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta.

Shiness Collector Soundtrack

If you enjoy Final Fantasy and RPG soundtracks, you'll definitely love Shiness soundtrack!

The soundtrack is now available worldwide in physical CD format.

Discover Shiness Original Soundtrack!

DISC 1                                                                          DISC 2

1The Four Elements00:361What’s up, lil’ Folks?01:39
2Can You See Me?01:282Riding an Amos02:17
3Shiness02:363Forest of the Pouis01:26
4Intruders!01:554...Or Else...01:12
5Unknown Lands03:095Chaolito00:40
6Challenge Accepted!01:476Laotan Palace03:12
7I have to Find Poky01:007Defeat the Fleet02:24
8Compromises00:308The Hall04:13
9You, Again00:329Snowing Peace03:27
10M... my... a... arm...00:3210Rock that Snow!02:00
11Poky01:2411Come, my Little Child!04:08
12You Do Not Belong Here01:2012Mummy02:29
13The Camp02:2213Prelude to War02:06
14Not very fashionable, eh?00:4214We Are Under Attack!02:25
16Calling Mantara00:3616Your Highness02:15
17Chado01:5817Fire is Awake!01:59
18Meet Ragan02:1818Take my Hand01:19
19Curiosity01:1719The Fall02:43
20We did it!00:4920Maherian Dreams01:35
21I won’t bite!00:5921Gendys Express03:15
22Gromiz Lair02:3422Adorya Station01:36
24The Strange Guy01:0724Apocalypse01:57
25The Master of the Ground01:4025The Crying Beast01:28
26The Cursed Forest04:2026No Forgiveness!02:39
27Fight Those Trees03:1027Beauty and the Evil03:46
28Evil Smiles01:0428Come to Me!01:30
29Zlog00:3229Finish Him!00:47
30The Elder01:1730The End02:48
31The Old King Palace03:0631Hunter Punker03:16
32Dance of the Soldiers01:4132Promised Hearts - Summer*02:26
33Web of Regrets05:2833Shiness Special Trailer #101:08
34The Dark Shi02:2234Shiness Special Trailer #201:36
35Are you Afraid?02:17
36Askel The Mercenary02:30*Composed by Hiroki Kikuta
37Mantara City03:12
38My Name is Kaorys02:01
39I’m the Best pilot in Kimpao03:14
40The Great Plateau of Gendys02:43

Learn more about Shiness on the official game homepage!

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