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Far Saa Far - IMERUAT


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Far Saa Far is the 3rd album from IMERUAT. Don't miss this new release from Masashi Hamauzu and Mina that is further refining their unique musical world!


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The IMERUAT duo is finally back, three years after their last album! In their third album, Masashi Hamauzu and Mina further refine the catchy and unique style they developed in their two previous releases: colorful pop music, sometimes cynical, sometimes with more naive and nostalgic moments, but always composed with care and mesmerizing beauty. Each piece takes you to a different musical world, as IMERUAT invites you to escape your everyday struggles.

In Far Saa Far, Mina's mischievous voice is again singing in different languages: Japanese, of course, but also English, French and Orok; the latter being an endangered language also known as "Uilta", which is still used by very few speakers in the Sakhalin and Hokkaido islands.

01. Far Saa Far
02. Pororororororo
03. Nomitaina
04. Flakes
05. kilto kilto
06. Satoyama Department Store
07. Quarter Tones
08. I want to Assassinate!
09. Le Fleur
11. La danse Battaki
12. Deep Green Field

"Nomitaina" Music Video:

"Le Fleur" Music Video:

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