Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack

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Relive Tidus's and Yuna's extraordinary adventure in the world of Spira with Final Fantasy X's original soundtrack, produced by Nobuo Uematsu !

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Final Fantasy X was a pivotal moment in the musical history of the series: for the first time, Nobuo Uematsu was no longer the only composer on board, as he was joined by Junya Nakano, who had just worked on Threads of Fate, and Masashi Hamauzu, who later rose to international fame with the Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack. The result of their collaboration guided players as they discovered Tidus's and Yuna's extraordinary journey across the magical world of Spira.

Among the most memorable tracks are "Zanarkand" - one of Nobuo Uematsu's favorite pieces in the Final Fantasy series, the haunting "Hymn of the Fayth", and the theme song "Suteki da ne" performed by Rikki.

Note: this is the soundtrack for the original PlayStation 2 version of Final Fantasy X, and not the PlayStation 3 & PlayStation Vita remaster!

Disc 1

01"Listen to my Story"0:09
04Tidus's Theme3:34
07This Is Your Story2:20
09Battle Theme3:22
10Victory Fanfare1:35
11Game Over0:34
12Out of the Frying Pan3:06
13Leap in the Dark1:27
14Underwater Ruins4:16
15Oui Are Al Bhed3:25
16Enemy Attack2:42
17The Blitzers3:53
19Spira Unplugged2:49
20Hum of the Fayth0:44
22The Trials3:34
23Hymn - Valefor0:42
24The Summoning0:39
25Braska's Daughter3:46
26Good Night0:08

Disc 2

01Yuna's Theme3:31
02Movement In Green3:16
03The Sending1:33
04Calm Before the Storm3:10
05Hymn - Ifrit0:41
07Grand Maester1:16
08Decision On the Dock1:13
09The Splendid Performance3:32
10Face Off2:07
11Blitz Off!3:32
12Auron's Theme2:44
13Mi'ihen Highroad3:23
14Chocobo Jam2:52
15The Travel Agency3:06
16They May Pass1:11
17Seymour's Theme3:06
19Djose Temple3:18
20Hymn - Ixion0:41
21Ridess the Shoopuf?4:13
22Rikku's Theme4:03

Disc 3

01Thunder Plains3:44
02Jecht's Theme2:34
03Macalania Woods3:20
04The Void2:19
05The Temple Player2:22
06Seymour's Ambition2:14
07Hymn - Shiva0:41
09The Burning Sands3:46
11The Truth Revealed4:06
13The Wedding1:13
17Via Purifico2:29
18Hymn - Bahamut0:42
19Moment of Truth3:39
21Suteki Da Ne (Isn't It Wonderful?)5:34

Disc 4

01Yuna's Decision3:43
02Lulu's Theme3:53
03Bravely Forward3:26
04Hymn - Yojimbo0:43
05Servants of the Mountain4:42
06Hymn - The Ronso0:43
08A Fleeting Dream4:25
09Hymn - Yunalesca0:43
11Beyond the Darkness4:39
13Hymn - Spira0:44
14The Unsent Laugh3:33
15Fight With Seymour5:47
16Hymn - Anima0:43
17A Contest of Aeons5:57
18Final Battle5:51
19Ending Theme5:30
20"Never Forget Them"0:15
21Suteki Da Ne (Isn't It Wonderful?) Orchestra Version6:19

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