UnchainedBlades EXXIV Original Soundtrack


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Disc 1 

01Light and Darkness2:41
02The Town of Roselle2:28
03Regain Power (EXXIV remastered version)2:38
04The Temple of the Skies (EXXIV remastered version)2:44
06Triumph of Bonds1:25
07Titan of Bubale3:01
08Titan of Arctos3:24
09Fight for the Master!2:47
10The Path to Overcome Fate4:01
12Titan of Dallis (EXXIV remastered version)2:25
13Titan of Nahash3:06
14Titan of Quito2:58
15Protector of the Titan3:37
16The Difference Between Destiny and Feelings6:39
17Temple of Impurity3:03
18Melody of the Fallen Angel5:32
19Abyss Gate2:07
20Lord of Chaos7:30
21What We Obtained2:44
22Theme of UnchainBlades (EXXIV version)4:22

Disc length 73:09

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