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Get ready for the great adventure with Grandia Original Soundtrack and 'Vent' Arranged Album by Noriyuki Iwadare in a deluxe Vinyl Edition!


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In partnership with Game Arts, Wayô Records is proud to add a Japanese RPG masterpiece to its catalog with the Grandia original soundtrack composed and arranged by Noriyuki Iwadare! Acclaimed title on the SEGA’s Saturn released in Japan in 1997, Grandia reaches the West for a release on the Sony’s PlayStation in 1999, and has a HD remaster in 2019 on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Grandia Complete Soundtrack

The Grandia Memorial Soundtrack Collector Edition is presented within a deluxe package featuring a brand new piece of artwork made especially for this edition by Toshiaki Hontani, who worked as the co-director and animator on Grandia.

 It features:

- Three 180g vinyl discs, with "Mint Green" colors and entirely remastered for the vinyl format.
- Each Disc is housed in its own illustrated sleeve.
- A completely new 20-page booklet, featuring Toshiaki Hontani and Takuhito Kusanagi’s
gorgeous artworks and new comments from the development team
(Toshiaki Hontani, Kazuyuki Ôhata), the soundtrack producer (Isao Mizoguchi) and composer Noriyuki Iwadare. 

 In addition, the arrange album of 1998, Vent, out of print in Japan for years, entirely arranged and performed by Noriyuki Iwadare and his best musicians, is included as a supplement to the original soundtrack, on an additional disc!

Carefully remastered for the Vinyl format.

Don't miss the unique opportunity to rediscover the majestuous soundtrack from one of the most beloved RPGs of all time!


Side A (OST)
A1 Theme of GRANDIA
A2 Prelude
A3 Town of Parm
A4 Lilly’s Seagull Restaurant
A5 Sult Ruins
A6 Battle 1
A7 Perfect Victory

Side B (OST)
B1 Delightful Adventure
B2 Ghost Ship
B3 Battle 2
B4 Mullen
B5 Inside Sult Ruins
B6 Dungeon 2

Side C (OST)
C1 The Edge of the World
C2 Duel with Gadwin
C3 The Sandy Beach of Gumbo
C4 Four Tensions in Succession

Side D (OST)
D1 Approaching Crisis

D2 Farewell to Sue
D3 Battle 3
D4 Leen’s Love Theme
D5 Pavane

Side E (Vent)
E1 Parm
E2 For the Love of You
E3 Lilly
E4 Gadwin’s Sorrow

Side F (Vent)
F1 Farewell
F2 Luc Village
F3 Alent – Holy Banquet
F4 Remembrance
F5 Theme (Piano Version)


Let the adventure begin!


GRANDIA music ©1997 TWO FIVE

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