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Metal Slug 4 Original Soundtrack

Metal Slug 4 marks the dazzling return of the Peregrine Falcons in this unforgettable new episode of the cult series developed by SNK. In this sequel, the legendary SNK Sound Team continues its work and signs a new explosive soundtrack with rock-orchestral sounds. The complete soundtrack was remastered and is available for the very first time in vinyl format!

WAYO-V022 (April 2023)
16 tracks, 1 disc
Red Splatter Edition
Composed and arranged par SNK SOUND TEAM
Published and distributed by Wayô Records
Licenced by SNK Corporation


01 Declare War (Opening Demo)
02 Choose a Person (Character Select)
03 Let's Run Through! (Stage 1)
04 Show Spirit (Stage 2)
05 Snowy Road (Stage 3)
06 Cadaverous (Stage 4)
07 Go Ahead! (Stage 5)

01 The Scene Of a Hard Battle (Boss 1)
02 Furiously (Boss 2)
03 Secret Place (Stage 6)
04 Uncanny Laugh (Demo Before Last Boss)
05 Final Madness (Last Boss)
06 Escape (Demo After Last Boss)
07 Good Ending
08 Bad Ending
09 End To The War (End Credits)

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