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Baki Original Soundtrack (Vinyl)
Baki Original Soundtrack (Vinyl)
Here's the vinyl edition of the soundtrack to BAKI, the ultra-popular smash-hit anime series! CLASSIC EDITION (TRANSLUCENT RED DISCS) PREORDER -...
€36.00 価格
Baki Original Soundtrack (Collector Vinyl)
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Baki (Collector Vinyl)
Here's the vinyl edition of the soundtrack to BAKI, the ultra-popular smash-hit anime series! COLLECTOR VINYL EDITION (RED SPLATTER) EXCLUSIVE...
€36.75 ベース価格 -25% €49.00 価格


Fueled by a common passion for music and a deep knowledge of the Japanese entertainment landscape, the members of Wayô Records are veterans of the video games, animation and film industries. This led them to develop a strong understanding of the Japanese culture – and language –, and to lead a number of projects closely related to some of its greatest composers and artists.

Dedicated to the promotion of music first and foremost, Wayô Records is a label driven by passion, but also by ambition and a strong sense of respect for the composers and their work. On top of publication and event planning, the Wayô team is also contributing to a number of projects related to localization, production and coordination – not only in the music field, but also video games and animated movies.

When working with artists, we want to understand their vision and their musical world in order to communicate them to the audience as accurately as possible. As video game and anime music fans ourselves, we highly respect classics as well as more obscure works. With each new event, Wayô means to shed some light on underestimated pieces of music by mixing them with celebrated ones.

We work hard to pick and deliver the very best of Japanese videogame soundtracks and solo works from various composers. We are working directly with major game companies and publish officially many soundtracks for the international market. We also directly work with many game composers such as Nobuo Uematsu, Yûzô Koshiro, Yasunori Mitsuda, Masashi Hamauzu, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Yôkô Shimomura, among others.

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