Hako no Niwa (CD)


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The original soundtrack for Graffiti Kingdom (Rakugaki Okoku 2), composed by Yasunori Mitsuda.

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Hako no Niwa

Graffiti Kingdom, also known as Rakugaki Okoku 2 in Japan, was a one of a kind title title that let the players create characters and assign specific functions to each body part. Developed by Taito for the PlayStation 2, the game has a soundtrack fully composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, who crafted a surprising music world. Released under the name "Hako no Niwa", which means "the garden in the box" in Japanese, the soundtrack album is one of the most creative illustrations of Yasunori Mitsuda's talent. 

SBPS-0006 (September 2004)
30 tracks, 1 compact disc
Composed and arranged by Yasunori Mitsuda


01 The Story Starts Here
02 Chikuridori
03 Scribblings
04 Careful Preparation
05 You Can See the Windmills from this Hill
06 Harape Colosseum
07 Gallery of Ice and Flame
08 A Flow of Scorching Heat
09 The Wind’s Treasure Chest
10 Cactus
11 Trying My Ability
12 The Selfish Girl
13 The Small Hopes and Small Breaths of a Young Man
14 Tower of Sand
15 The Smug Gentleman
16 In Search of a Falling Star
17 Revolving Disk
18 Wagon Tracks
19 Forest of Illusion
20 A Lonely Heart and Inner Ambitions
21 Transparent Sadness
22 Invisible Toybox
23 The Flowers Dance
24 Awakening from Sleep
25 A Perpetual Recurrence
26 A Worthy Opponent’s Trap
27 One Last Battle
28 Sealed Key
29 A Small Friendship
30 The Box Garden

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