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One of a kind piano arrangements of timeless classics from the NES era!


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The name "Pia-com" tells it all: this album is a collection of new piano renditions of classic NES soundtracks! Why "com", then? Because in Japan, the Nintendo Entertainment System was known as "Famicom", for Family Computer, of course!

Following the first Pia-com album, this second release provides a more substantial offering, for a very simple reason: Keita Egusa is joined by two other pianists, Hiroyuki Nakayama and Masato Kouda, giving even more diversity in the arrangements. Nakayama is known for his orchestration work on Nobuo Uematsu's soundtracks for Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, and piano performance on the Final Fantasy Piano Opera series, while Kouda is a video game music composer know for his contribution to the Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter and Wild Arms series. Once again, the album is filled with timeless classics from the NES era, including Spelunker, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Final Fantasy III and Castlevania, among others!

01Spelunker Medley (Spelunker)4:52
02Start Demo ~ BGM1 (Commando)3:00
03Opening Theme (Wizardry)4:13
04Start Demo ~ 1st & 2nd BGM (Ghosts 'n Goblins)4:22
05OPA-OPA (Fantasy Zone)3:32
06Elia, the Maiden of Water (Final Fantasy III)4:57
07Vampire Killer (Castlevania)3:24
08Stage 1 (Milon's Secret Castle)3:40
09Stage 1 BGM (Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri Douchuu)4:31
10Dragon Slayer IV Medley (Dragon Slayer IV)4:52

Total length: 41:23

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