Xenoblade Chronicles Original Soundtrack


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The amazing soundtrack of the equally amazing Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii, composed by a dream team!

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One of the most memorable Wii soundtracks, Xenoblade Chronicles was composed by a dream team of Japanese video game artists. At its helm, two legendary composers: Yoko Shimomura (Street Fighter II, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XV) who wrote the main themes, and Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, Inazuma Eleven), who produced the theme song performed by Sarah Àlainn.

The core of the soundtrack was composed by Manami Kiyota and ACE+ (a unit made of Tomori Kudo, CHiCO and Kenji Hiramatsu), in a wide variety of genres and moods. In this 4-disc album, the first two discs include cutscene music, while the other two feature field and battle themes.

Disc 1

01Main Theme3:43
02Prologue A3:17
03Prologue B3:19
04Everyday Life2:36
06A Friend on My Mind4:29
07The Monado Awakens0:39
09Engage the Enemy3:50
11Ancient Mysteries2:19
18Unfinished Business3:07
20Reminiscence (Music Box)3:27
21Riki the Legendary Heropon3:02

Disc 2

01Egil's Theme2:58
02Towering Shadow3:38
03A Tragic Decision2:30
04Shulk and Fiora3:13
05Riki's Kindness2:24
07Shadows Creeping3:04
09The Battle is Upon Us3:39
10Thoughts Enshrined3:23
11Rage, Darkness of the Heart3:53
12Bionis' Awakening3:54
13A Spiritual Place2:44
14Zanza the Divine3:10
15The God-Slaying Sword4:47
17Once We Part Ways3:27
18Futures That Lie Ahead4:15
19Ending Theme - Beyond the Sky4:30

Disc 3

02Hometown (Night)3:24
03Colony 92:43
04Colony 9 (Night)3:29
05Time to Fight!2:41
06Tephra Cave3:08
07Gaur Plain4:19
08Gaur Plain (Night)3:19
09In the Refugee Camp3:02
10Colony 6 - Ether Mine2:35
11An Obstacle in Our Path3:20
12Satorl Marsh2:35
13Satorl Marsh (Night)3:21
14Hostile Gazes2:39
15Colony 6 - Silence2:36
16Forest of the Nopon2:30
17Forest of the Nopon (Night)3:37
18Frontier Village3:04
19Frontier Village (Night)3:23
20Eryth Sea3:12
21Eryth Sea (Night)3:11
22Alcamoth, Imperial Capital2:53
23Alcamoth (Night)2:58
24Where the Ancestors Sleep3:05
25Colony 6 - Rebuilding2:24

Disc 4

01Prison Island3:11
02Enemies Closing In2:33
03Visions of the Future2:38
04Valak Mountain3:57
05Valak Mountain (Night)3:11
06Sword Valley2:22
07Sword Valley (Night)2:48
08Galahad Fortress2:43
09You Will Know Our Names2:23
10The Fallen Land3:09
11The Fallen Land (Night)3:28
12Colony 6 - Hope2:28
13Hidden Machina Village2:36
14Mechonis Field3:49
15Mechanical Rhythm3:05
16Agniratha, Mechonis Capital3:56
17Agniratha (Night)2:56
18Central Factory4:30
19Irregular Bound2:22
20Bionis' Interior (Carcass)3:18
21Bionis' Interior (Pulse)2:51
22The End Lies Ahead3:39
23Memory's End2:55
24Zanza's World2:36
25Colony 6 - Future2:11

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