Ensemble III


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Noriyuki Iwadare's third solo album!

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Composer : Noriyuki Iwadare (岩垂則行)
Noriyuki IwadareBorn in 1964 in Matsumoto, Japan, Noriyuki Iwadare is a video game composer whose career started in the early 1990s, and has since worked on a number of cult Japanese video games and game series. His most famous soundtracks include Lunar, Langrisser, Grandia, Growlanser, Phoenix Wright, and Radiata Stories - all of them being met with great praise. But Noriyuki Iwadare also has a number of activities outside of video game music, having for example composed music for Tokyo Disneyland, stage musicals and dance performances. Recently, he has started the "Ensemble" series with the violinist and cellist Reiko Tsuchiya, as well as solo albums and soundtracks with his friend long-time friend, composer Michiko Naruke.

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Composer(s)Noriyuki Iwadare & Reiko Tsuchiya
Arranger(s)Noriyuki Iwadare & Reiko Tsuchiya
Performer(s)Noriyuki Iwadare & Reiko Tsuchiya
Release Date2015
PoidsSolo work / Instrumental

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