ICO ~ Melody in the Mist



ICO original Soundtrack by Michiru Oshima.

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Composer : Michiru Oshima (大島ミチル)
Michiru Oshima

Born in 1961 in Nagasaki, Japan, Michiru Oshima studied composition at the university of Kunitachi, from which she gratuated. From the the beginning of the 1990s to now, she has composed many soundtracks for television series, movies, anime series and video games. She is especially famous for her contribution to animated series and movies, among which are Fullmetal Alchemist, The Tatami Galaxy, Queen Emeraldas, Sound of the Sky, Nabari, as well as The Weathering Continent, Patema Inverted, Osamu Tezuka's Buddha, and the two Little Witch Academia short films. In the video game field, she has composed the soundtrack for ICO, which is especially memorable for the ending theme, "You Were There". But Michiru Oshima is also active as a classical composer, having for example worked with Americain cellist Hilary Hahn on her project "In 27 Pieces".

01 prologue
02 coffin
03 impression
04 Castle in the Mist
05 beginning
06 Who are you?
07 darkness
08 heal
09 The Gate
10 Queen
11 continue
12 déjà vu
13 Shadow
14 Entity
15 collapse
16 ICO -You were there-

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