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Sky's The Limit - Kumi Tanioka Piano Album


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The very first solo album from Kumi Tanioka!

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Composer: Kumi Tanioka (谷岡久美)
Kumi Tanioka
Born in 1974 in Hiroshima, Japan, Kumi Tanioka is a video game music composer whose career started in 1998 when she joined Square (now Square Enix). After writing a number of tracks for Final Fantasy XI alongside Nobuo Uematsu and Naoshi Mizuta, she started working on the sub-series that made her famous: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. The original GameCube title, released in 2003, left a strong impression to players thanks to its evocative baroque soundtrack that was recorded with medieval instruments. After leaving Square Enix in 2010, Kumi Tanioka became a freelance composer and worked on a number of new game projects, including Ragnarok Odyssey, but also embraced new challenges. A pianist herself, she started performing live more frequently, and also released her own piano album in 2015: Sky's The Limit.

1. 雨香 - Ukou -
2. 冬木立 - Fuyukodachi -
3. 風花 - Kaza Hana -
4. skyscraper
5. 黎明 - Reimei -
6. Sky's The Limit

Personal message from Kumi Tanioka

My freelance career started 6 years ago.

I was involved with the development of FINAL FANTASY XI at SQUARE ENIX and got an opportunity to play the piano in front of an audience at the game event, that eventually led me to perform in various occasions. Even after turning freelance, I've been fortunate to have many job offers including arrangement and performance.

Actually so far my work as a composer has been in line with someone's "request". Creating music which "add a touch of color to something" mainly in the world of gaming. I must confess that I enjoy this process and simply love it. Once turning to a freelance composer, I got more involved with a wide range of projects not limited to gaming music. Then the idea came to me that it might be time to create my own music from scratch. This is why I created this album.

To come out with a concept, prepare necessary pieces and perform them - all has to be done by myself. It was totally beyond my imagination how lonely and helpless my solo journey could be, but I made up my mind to take a challenging step forward. In my career, music creation and piano performance have been my passion over a long period of time.

I would say that this album is all about me, but my wish is that you could feel a hint of color when listening to my music. When you are relaxing, having a cup of tea, dozing off at night, waking up in the morning, seeing beautiful sky...I believe any moment in life can be colorful.

April, 2015 by Kumi Tanioka